VSP Optics Group

About VSP Optics Group

We help people see by leveraging technology. The UNITY® portfolio of customized lens products is the fastest growing lens brand in the industry. VSP® Optics Group provides ophthalmic technology, lens products, and lab services that strengthen the patient experience and promote practice growth.

  • VSPOne Optical Technology Centers:
    • VSPOne Baltimore
    • VSPOne Charlotte
    • VSPOne Columbus
    • VSPOne Dallas
    • VSPOne Fort Lauderdale
    • VSPOne Hawaii
    • VSPOne Houston
    • VSPOne Olympia
    • VSPOne Sacramento
    • VSPOne San Diego
    • VSPOne St. Cloud
    • VSPOne Tampa Bay
  • Leadership
    • Don Oakley serves as President of VSP Optics Group.

For more information on VSP Optics Group, visit: www.vspopticsgroup.com.