VSP Vision Care and Livongo Data Sharing Partnership Reduces Gaps in Eye Care for Those Living with Diabetes; Drives Increase in Eye Exams and Lowers Healthcare Costs

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RANCHO CORDOVA, Calif. – VSP® Vision Care, the only national, not-for-profit vision benefits company, and Livongo®, the leading Applied Health Signals company empowering people with chronic conditions to live better and healthier lives, announced today the findings of a case study, borne out of their strategic partnership to better identify and support mutual members living with diabetes and other chronic conditions.  

The two organizations developed a first-of-its-kind partnership to support their mutual members – from early detection of chronic conditions and easy enrollment in health management programs to closing clinical gaps in care. VSP’s data, combined with medical and pharmacy data, allowed Livongo to identify mutual members with chronic conditions for its health management programs. Meanwhile, Livongo helped VSP identify additional mutual members with chronic conditions who could benefit from VSP’s efforts to connect them with a VSP network doctor for critical eye care needs.

The offering was recently made available to 16 large U.S. companies. The simple and secure, two-way exchange of data for 390,000 eligible employees yielded impressive initial results. Key findings include:

  • 12% of mutual members with diabetes were identified by VSP, previously unknown to Livongo1
  • 62% of mutual members with diabetes were identified by Livongo, previously unknown to VSP1
  • 34% of mutual members with hypertension were identified by VSP, previously unknown to Livongo2 

Diabetes is one of the most expensive and prevalent chronic conditions in the U.S. The case study revealed the partnership also has the potential to reduce medical costs associated with the condition. One participating employer found 180 new members eligible for Livongo’s services, which can deliver $100,000 in annual incremental healthcare savings.

“As a health-focused vision care company, we go beyond our vision care claims data to deliver a whole-person approach to healthcare for our members,” said Kate Renwick-Espinosa, president of VSP Vision Care. “We are proud of our partnership with Livongo because it offers our clients and mutual members effective ways to prioritize their eye health, which helps drive better health outcomes.”

Another key outcome reported in the case study concluded that up to 26% of mutual members with diabetes followed proactive outreach to schedule an eye exam3.

The finding is attributed to a component of the partnership that includes a reminder that is sent to members identified as living with diabetes but have not had an eye exam for the past 14 or more months. The reminder appears on their cellular-connected Livongo blood glucose meter and is followed by a personalized email with more details, including a link where members can find a VSP network eye doctor and schedule an eye exam. 

Having an annual comprehensive eye exam is critical for everyone, but especially for people with diabetes, as it can play a role in preventing or delaying blindness due to the condition. Under most VSP plans, members with diabetes receive a covered-in-full retinal screening and are eligible for additional exams and services at the discretion of their VSP network doctor.

“Through our partnership with VSP, Livongo can provide targeted Health Nudges that allow members to seamlessly schedule their annual eye exam,” said Livongo President Dr. Jennifer Schneider, M.D., M.S. “This is a simple and powerful reminder for people with chronic conditions, who are often inundated with health regiments and doctor’s visits. Together, Livongo and VSP are effectively making it easier to care for the whole person and all aspects of their health – a win-win for our mutual members and clients.”

The comprehensive partnership offers participating employers:

  • Increased enrollment in the Livongo for Diabetes and Livongo for Hypertension programs for improved chronic condition management 
  • Increased participation in VSP’s Healthy Innovations Program, which focuses on the early detection and management of eye and related health conditions 
  • Improved health outcomes based on higher preventive care compliance rates
  • Lower health care costs as more members have their recommended eye exams and better manage their chronic conditions

Clients interested in how VSP and Livongo can help their organization can contact their VSP or Livongo representative. Additionally, visit Employee Benefit News to download the case study, and listen to a podcast featuring President of VSP Vision Care Kate Renwick-Espinosa and President of Livongo Dr. Jennifer Schneider discuss the significance of the partnership and the real and positive impacts it can have on chronic condition management.

1. These percentages cover Members identified by VSP and Livongo from the total Members with diabetes from all client data sources as of Dec. 2019.
2. This percentage is based on Member data sent to VSP from clients that have signed a data sharing agreement as of Dec. 2019.
3. Based on results from a Gaps-in-Care campaign conducted 6/25/19-7/25/19.

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