VSP Vision Care Call Centers Earn Call Center World Class Certification

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Just one call can have a lasting impact on someone’s life. Now imagine being tasked with the job to make a positive impact on the lives of millions of callers. That is exactly what VSP® Vision Care (VSP), a not-for-profit and the nation’s largest eye care benefits and services provider, continues to do, and as a result of their commitment to their customers and high-level performance, VSP call centers have been awarded the 2014 Call Center World Class Certification by Service Quality Management Group, Inc. (SQM).

In addition to earning this formal certification, VSP call centers, which are located in Rancho Cordova, California and Columbus, Ohio, were the only SQM client in the United States to receive World Class status 13 years in a row. To achieve World Class status, a call center must perform at 80 percent “top box” satisfaction level or higher, among other criteria. In 2014, VSP performed at 85 percent.

A world class call is one where the customer indicates:

  • Their call was resolved on the first call
  • They were very satisfied with the call center
  • They were very satisfied with the CSR

“Calls are no longer a simple question of, ‘Where can I find a VSP doctor?’” said Kathy Rodine, vice president, VSP Customer Care. “We are experiencing 2 million more live calls than we did five years ago – 7.5 million in 2014 to be exact. Since customers are solving common issues online, the complexity of the calls has increased. The recognition from SQM and our customers is highly appreciated and motivating.”

Throughout 2014 SQM benchmarked over 500 leading North American call centers and surveyed by telephone a minimum of 800 customers within two business days of their call to the call center to understand satisfaction levels with their service experience.

“Most people don’t look forward to dialing a 1-800 line, but year after year it is clear that VSP aims to create a customer experience that’s more than just calling a phone number,” said Sarah Kennedy, partner and senior vice president, SQM.

Last year VSP Customer Service Representative’s (CSR) took in more than 20,000 calls a day, and each call is handled with a unique sense of care. CSR Kelly Durkee, a finalist for SQM’s CSR of the Year, is just one example of how we are ensuring VSP’s mission of helping people see is realized. When a call came in from a terminal patient not being able to pick up his glasses from the optometrist because he was in the hospital, Kelly and the team acted quickly.

Kelly shares her experience, “When I initially received the call regarding Jayar, I felt compelled to try to do everything within my power to help him get glasses. Although I have never met Jayar, I felt he had to know there are people who were rooting for him, who cared about him and most of all who wanted to help him see.”

Durkee continued, “I remember during our orientation we received a VSP Global Values card and the first value it stated was, ’we care.’ It’s great to work for a company that realizes showing our members we care and helping them see is above everything else.”

In addition to the World Class Call Center Certification, SQM also recognized VSP for the following:

  • Call Center of the Year Award Finalist
  • Call Center FCR Best Practice Real-Time CSR Support Queue Gold Winner
  • Highest Customer Service for the Insurance Industry

Weeks of training, thousands of service hours and a number of resources go into making sure each call represents a World Class experience for our customers. View our ‘Behind the Line’ infographic to get a snap shot of that process.





Jace Duval