VSP Reveal Freeform Vi and VSP Reveal Freeform SVi Launch Nationally

New Reveal Freeform lenses provide advanced personalization for progressive and single vision patients 
Rancho Cordova, Calif., January 10, 2011 – VSP Optics Group today announced that it has expanded the VSP Reveal® lens product line with the introduction of two new lenses: VSP Reveal® Freeform Vi progressive lenses and VSP Reveal® Freeform SVi single vision lenses with optics by Carl Zeiss. Both VSP Reveal Freeform Vi and VSP Reveal Freeform SVi are available exclusively through VSP private practice doctors to VSP members and non members.
VSP Reveal Freeform Vi premium progressive lenses take personalization to the next level, going beyond the prescription and the frame and optimizing visual performance by using precise fitting measurements. The lens design also employs Vision Expansion Technology™, which balances the optical characteristics that are most critical to visual performance and patient satisfaction, providing up to 50 percent wider fields of vision. Due to their advanced technology features and the additional individualized measurements required, VSP Reveal Freeform Vi progressive lenses are a category “N” lens in the 2011 VSP patient option list and deliver the highest level reimbursement.
VSP Reveal Freeform SVi lenses offer patients with a single vision prescription the same customization, optimized for their individual prescription and position of wear to provide a unique fit and great visual performance. The lenses also utilize Vision Expansion Technology and give the wearer up to 50 percent larger fields of view compared to conventional single vision lenses. 
“The addition of VSP Reveal Freeform Vi and SVi continues our mission of providing private practice eyecare professionals and their patients access to great choices in the latest lens technology,” said Don Oakley, President of VSP Optics Group. “From single vision to sophisticated freeform progressives, the VSP Reveal lens collection leverages the optical expertise of Carl Zeiss Vision to meet the personal vision needs of every patient.” 
Prior to the release of VSP Reveal Freeform Vi and SVi, VSP Optics Group launched Reveal and Reveal Freeform lenses in 2008. 
“VSP Reveal with optics by Carl Zeiss has been a success for VSP private practice providers, and a great collaboration between VSP and Carl Zeiss Vision,” said Joe Donahoe, Carl Zeiss Vision’s President, North America-Pacific. “We are pleased to partner with VSP and expand their Reveal product line with an additional level of customization that delivers exceptional visual acuity.” 
What makes VSP Reveal Vi and SVi with optics by Carl Zeiss unique?
  • All VSP Reveal lenses use Vision Expansion Technology, a proprietary approach to progressive lens design that maximizes overall comfort and utility of the lens.
  • Vision Expansion Technology, powered by the two key features of variable corridor and full Rx optimization, maximizes clear viewing zones within the frame and for each patient’s unique prescription.
  • i.Scription® by ZEISS is also available for all VSP Reveal Freeform lenses, giving patients a uniquely customized prescription. i.Scription by ZEISS is a technology solution that employs wavefront aberrometry to create personalized lenses that deliver better night vision, improved contrast, and richer color perception.
  • Extensive trials of VSP Reveal lenses showed that 95 percent of patients reported a high or very high satisfaction rate with every area of the lens.
  • Great value: VSP providers can receive $20 for every pair of VSP Reveal progressive lenses ordered through eClaim or eLab (Excludes Medicaid and Medicare claims). $10 earnings will appear on the VSP Explanation of Payment (EOP). VSP providers can visit VSP Online at eyefinity.com for more information. Additionally, $10 per pair is available with eRevealRewards. For official rules, visit eRevealRewards.com.
For more information, providers can contact their VSP Labs or Carl Zeiss Vision representatives, or contact via email at: reveal@vsp.com
About VSP Optics Group
As part of VSP GlobalSM, VSP Optics Group provides a broad range of ophthalmic products and services to VSP’s network of 27,000 private practice doctors. VSP Optics Group includes VSP Labs, which have served eyecare professionals as industry leaders in new technologies for over 35 years through its five wholly owned optical laboratories, three partner labs and management of a robust contract lab network throughout the United States. VSP Optics Group also develops and markets privately branded, high-quality ophthalmic products, such as premium progressive lenses, to support and meet the needs of private practice doctors and their patients.
About Carl Zeiss Vision
Carl Zeiss Vision is a leader in lenses, coatings, Rx Lab services and equipment.  Through its ZEISS, SOLA, Teflon® Clear Coat Lenses and American Optical brands, Carl Zeiss Vision works continually to deliver a superior visual experience to wearers and growth to the optical industry.  Carl Zeiss Vision’s North American headquarters are located in San Diego, California.




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