VSP Optics Releases SunSync® Drive XT, a New Extra-Active Photochromic that Stays Dark in the Car

Product outperforms the category leader for darkness, clarity, and fade-back speed


RANCHO CORDOVA, Calif., March 14, 2018 – VSP Optics announced today the launch of SunSync Drive XT, as part of the company’s continuing efforts to offer providers and patients advanced lens products that maximize the latest technologies, are simple to dispense, and easy to wear.

SunSync Drive XT is an extra-active, light-reactive lens that gets darker and stays dark in the car. Unlike standard photochromic lenses, SunSync Drive XT is activated by both UV and visible light, allowing the lenses to remain dark in a car, regardless of whether the windows block UV light or not.

In lab testing, SunSync Drive XT outperformed the leading extra-active photochromic in three categories: darker activated color, superior clarity, and faster fade-back speed.1 This addition to the product portfolio retains all the benefits of SunSync Light-Reactive Lenses, including ultra-fast activation, 100% UV protection, targeted blue light filtration, outstanding durability, and SunSync’s exclusive one-year, 100% satisfaction guarantee for VSP members.

“SunSync Drive XT exemplifies our commitment to designing products that are simple to dispense, but developed using the latest technology. With the introduction of this new product, eye care professionals will finally be able to offer their patients a better choice when it comes to light-reactive lenses that work in the car. It also provides the exceptional performance people have come to expect from SunSync,” said Randy Dannewitz, senior vice president of strategic development for VSP Optics.

SunSync Drive XT is available to order on Unity Progressives, Unity Single Vision, and Ethos Progressives in gray or brown. More product information is available at https://www.sunsynclenses.com.

1. In lab testing, SunSync Drive XT and market-leading extra-active photochromic lens were analyzed in spectral measurements of visible light transmittance from 525nm to 625nm in dark/activated state, visible light transmittance from 450nm to 700nm in clear/inactivated state, and speed of change between dark and clear states at 73° F/23° C.


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