VSP Optics Group Unveils Sharper Image TechShield Blue Light Protection


Rancho Cordova, Calif., June 17, 2015 —In today’s world, the average person spends more than half their waking hours exposed to harmful blue light emitted by everyday devices. From smartphones to tablets, to computers and TVs, even compact fluorescent light bulbs and fluorescent lighting, our eyes are exposed to more and more blue light that can have damaging effects on vision and overall health. To provide patients with protection against blue light, VSP® Optics Group today announced the launch of Sharper Image® TechShield.

“Blue light is illuminating today’s digital world, and a growing body of scientific evidence suggests that it poses threats to our vision and health,” said Dave Delle Donne, senior vice president of business development for VSP Optics Group. “By leveraging Sharper Image’s innovative brand and commitment to bringing life-improving technology to consumers, eye care professionals can easily discuss the necessity for protection with their patients and reduce their exposure to blue light with Sharper Image TechShield.”

In a recent survey of eye care professionals on VSP’s provider network, 82% reported an increase in patients experiencing the harmful effects caused by blue light exposure. Research has proven exposure to blue light contributes to serious eye and health conditions, including eye strain, vision loss caused by macular degeneration, and even sleep disruption.

Sharper Image TechShield delivers targeted blue light protection in a proprietary, near-clear lens enhancement. Its unique defense technology provides comprehensive protection by both absorbing and deflecting incoming blue light to reduce the wearer’s amount of exposure.

Last year, VSP Optics Group signed an exclusive licensing agreement with Shaper Image to manufacture and distribute optical-related products under the Sharper Image brand. Sharper Image TechShield represents the first of multiple Sharper Image optical products being developed to enhance the lifestyle of today’s consumer.

Sharper Image TechShield is available exclusively through VSPOne® Optical Technology Centers and VSP’s contract laboratory network. For more information, eye care professionals can visit: http://vspopticsgroup.com/techshield



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Sharper Image has a rich 35-year history and reputation of offering a broad range of exciting, innovative and technology-rich products of superior quality and design. Today, under Sharper Image’s direction, a host of product licensees produce and market products in keeping with this brand legacy. For more information, please visit: www.sharperimage.com








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