UNITY Performance Optics expands portfolio with new, advanced digital progressive lens: UNITY PLxpression with Cascade Technology

Rancho Cordova, CA, September 6, 2012 – Today at the 2012 International Vision Expo West, VSP® Optics Group announced that it will expand the portfolio of its UNITY® Performance Optics products with the introduction of a new, advanced digital progressive lens: UNITY PLxpression with Cascade™ Technology.
Available nationally on October 10, 2012, UNITY PLxpression, a VSP ‘N’ category progressive lens, takes digital progressive lenses to the next level of customization. By combining form and function, the customized lens experience is maximized, offering the wearer:
  • Optimized viewing areas through variable base curve technology.
  • Advanced position-of-wear customization.
  • Improved cosmetics with thinner, flatter lenses.
Cascade Technology, a patented technology exclusive to UNITY lens designs, begins with a variable base curve blank. This allows for achieving the ideal curve at each point of the lens, which is different from standard freeform lens blanks that use a constant base curve throughout the lens.
"UNITY PLxpression with Cascade Technology marks a new chapter in customized, digital lenses," said Dave Delle Donne, VSP Optics Group’s vice president of business development. "This new offering from UNITY Performance Optics gives independent eyecare professionals more access to cutting-edge digital lens technology that both supports the growth of their practice and 'wows' patients by providing exceptional, personalized lenses that deliver outstanding vision.”

VSP practices can maximize their revenue by dispensing UNITY PLxpression and will receive up to $25 in UNITY Savings on each qualifying VSP claim. Designed to support VSP practices, the UNITY Savings program lets VSP providers exclusively receive $10 for each UNITY progressive lens dispensed to a VSP patient. Additional savings can be achieved by adding photochromics, UNITY Performance Coatings and taking advanced measurements.

For more information, visit http://vspopticsgroup.com/unity/.


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