UNITY Performance Optics expanding product offerings with premium digital progressive and single vision, wrap, and computer vision lenses; New products available beginning April 10, 2012

Rancho Cordova, CA, March 23, 2012 – Today at the 2012 International Vision Expo East, VSP Optics Group announced that it will expand the portfolio of its UNITY® Performance Optics products with the introduction of UNITY PLxtra and PLxtreme digital progressive lenses, UNITY SVxtra and SVxtreme digital single vision lenses, and UNITY CVx computer vision lenses. The new products will be available April 10, 2012.
Using advanced lens design and state-of-the-art processing technology, UNITY lenses offer a simple digital solution that is easy to dispense and delivers quick adaption and high patient satisfaction. That satisfaction is a result of an unmatched quality verification process in which every UNITY lens produced is digitally mapped to ensure the lens design produced matches exactly what the doctor and laboratory intended.
UNITY PLxtra, PLxtreme, SVxtra and SVxtreme all offer position-of-wear precision, delivering a customized prescription that gives patients even greater personalization and visual clarity by compensating for frame wrap, pantoscopic tilt, and back-vertex distance. The new products include:
  • UNITY PLxtra is a VSP “O” category digital progressive lens in five fixed fitting heights from 12mm to 20mm with position-of-wear design customization.
  • UNITY PLxtreme is the UNITY progressive lens solution for wrap frames.
  • UNITY SVxtra is a customized, digital single vision lens solution compensating for the patient’s individual position-of-wear measurements.
  • UNITY SVxtreme is the ideal single vision performance lens choice for patients with high wrap frames.
  • UNITY CVx is the perfect solution for patients that spend more than two hours per day in front of a computer, tablet or smartphone, as they offer optimal vision and comfort in the near and intermediate viewing area. They are the perfect match for patients with jobs or hobbies that utilize high levels of near and intermediate vision. CVx lenses are also simple to dispense and only require the patient’s distance prescription and reading addition power.
“The expansion of UNITY Performance Optics allows our organization to continue supporting independent eyecare professionals with new products powered by the latest technology at a great value,” said Dave Delle Donne, VSP Optics Group’s Vice President of Business Development. “We pair that technology with an easy dispensing process for patient and provider, ensuring their satisfaction above all else.”
Available to all eyecare professionals and patients, UNITY lenses are available in virtually all materials. Additionally, VSP practices can maximize their revenue and receive up to $25 in UNITY Savings on each qualifying VSP claim. Designed to support VSP practices, the UNITY Savings program lets VSP providers exclusively receive $10 for each UNITY progressive lens dispensed to a VSP patient. They can then earn an additional $10 for adding UNITY Performance Coatings and another $5 for adding Transitions. 
For more information, visit www.vsplab.com, or visit the VSP Global booth (#1723) at Vision Expo East.



About VSP Optics Group
As part of VSP GlobalSM, VSP Optics Group provides a broad range of ophthalmic products and services to VSP’s network of 27,000 private practice doctors. VSP Optics Group includes VSP Labs, which have served eyecare professionals as industry leaders in new technologies for nearly four decades through its wholly owned laboratories, partner labs and management of a robust contract lab network throughout the United States. VSP Optics Group also develops and markets privately branded, high-quality ophthalmic products, such as premium progressive lenses and coatings to support and meet the needs of private practice doctors and their patients.




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