Unity BioSync Expands Contact Lens Portfolio with 8.5 Base Curve Option

Unity BioSync Contact Lenses_8.5 Base Curve

RANCHO CORDOVA, Calif. – VSP® Optics announced today that the Unity BioSync® with HydraMist® contact lens is now available in two base curves, 8.5mm and 8.8mm, allowing doctors to choose the optimal fit for their patients.  

Unity BioSync with HydraMist first launched in 2019 exclusively to the VSP network. It was designed to provide exceptional comfort, high oxygen supply, great vision to patients and increased patient retention for practices and is now one of the few daily disposable, spherical contact lenses available in two base curves.

“The 8.8 base curve lens is easy to fit and provides exceptional visual acuity and has been well received by doctors and patients alike,” said Senior Vice President of Commercial Markets for VSP Optics Dave Delle Donne. “The launch of the 8.5 base curve is in response to feedback from our network doctors and represents our commitment to offering products that will meet virtually all their patients’ needs.”

Like the 8.8 base curve lens, the 8.5 base curve lens has a diameter of 14.1mm and the power ranges include +8.00D to -10.00D. It offers a Dk/t value of 150, allowing higher oxygen permeability, which is critical to good eye health. 

Unity BioSync in both base curves provides ideal optical performance through a combination of silicone hydrogel material and proprietary polymer coating exclusive to the Unity brand. Made with HydraMist, which features unique moisture retaining polymers for an increased level of hydration throughout the day, the lens increases the biocompatibility of its material and the surface of the eye, improving the overall experience for the contact lens wearer.

The Unity BioSync with HydraMist portfolio remains exclusive to the VSP network. Unity BioSync is only available with a prescription. For complete information or to learn more about the 8.5 base curve lens option, visit unitycontactlenses.com.

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Ashley Torres Avila