OfficeMate Installation Documentation Wins Award of Excellence

Irvine, CA, March 10, 2008 – OfficeMate Software Solutions is pleased to announce that its “Installing & Activating the OfficeMate Suite” document won a prestigious Award of Excellence in the 2007–2008 Society for Technical Communication (STC) Southern California Technical Communication Competition. This regional competition included entries from eight Southern California STC chapters.
Carrie Damschroder, Director of Documentation, wrote and edited the installation and activation instructions for version 7.4 of the OfficeMate Suite and entered it into the Technical Publications/Software Guides portion of the competition.
The competition judges acknowledged that the “Installing & Activating the OfficeMate Suite” document is “well organized and the steps are easy to follow.” Other positive feedback noted by the judges includes the following comments:
  • I liked the side-bar information (the left column space) used throughout for headers and additional information.
  • Labeling of items was consistent throughout and the writing was clear.
  • The graphics were very readable and crisp. Even the smaller screenshots were very clear, which can be very difficult to produce.
  • The content is presented nicely and clearly identified. A new customer can easily find and follow the steps needed to install the product. This document also applies to an existing customer who needs to upgrade. Identifying the two main sections on the first page makes for easy navigation. Key information is not hidden within a bunch of useless text.
  • Good use of color throughout document, especially the notes. The graphics and clear navigation make the installation easy to follow. Using bold text for items the user should click or enter is consistent and useful.
  • The author masters grammar, using dependent clauses correctly, for example.
  • The author has achieved a clean, understated, appealing presentation by using a minimalist approach to the graphic elements: step numbers without periods, generous white space, small lines at the top and bottom of tables—rather than frames and grids, and use of capitalization only where necessary.
  • The use of color to set off the contents is helpful and innovative.
One judge even noted that “I have never installed this product, but feel that I could easily do so using this guide.”
The Southern California STC chapters sponsored the technical publications competition to determine, recognize, and encourage excellence in communication through printed and online media. This competition honors technical writers and editors who set the standards for published technical communication.
OfficeMate Software Solutions received their Award of Excellence at a Spotlight Awards Banquet in San Juan Capistrano, CA, on March 1, 2008. Carrie Damschroder, Director of Documentation, noted that she is “flattered to have won this award and is pleased that OfficeMate Software Solutions is committed to helping its clients successfully install and use the OfficeMate Suite after each new software upgrade.”
To view the winning document, go to Installation.pdf.




Jace Duval