New Unity Via Progressive Lenses Introduce Advanced Technology for Effortless Vision

Unity Via Picture

Rancho Cordova, Calif. — Dispensing state-of-the-art lenses just got easier. VSP® Optics Group is expanding its Unity portfolio to include the all-new Unity Via Progressive Lenses. Unveiled at the 2017 International Vision Expo East, Unity Via is specifically designed to be easy to fit and deliver the most advanced and comfortable vision for patients.

Crafted with the most sophisticated lens design software in the optical industry, Unity Via creates a truly customized vision experience. Developed with input from doctors and progressive lens wearers, Unity Via’s intelligent technology brings a new approach to fitting and delivers precise vision correction with exceptional ergonomic comfort.

Rather than forcing the eye to adjust to the lens, these designs follow the natural path of the eye for a comfortable fit. With a few simple measurements, eye care professionals can be confident that whatever their patients’ visual needs are, Unity Via will provide them with accurate and effortless vision.

“Unity Via represents an exciting new milestone in ophthalmic lens design,” said Randy Dannewitz, Vice President of Product Development for VSP Optics Group. “Having helped bring to market many customized lens designs, I have never before seen such intelligent technology that helps eye care professionals make easy and comfortable vision a reality for their patients from the moment they first put on their glasses.”

In wearer trials, Unity Via outperformed the progressive lens market leader two to one. It also ranked superior in areas of lifestyle performance, close vision, and ease of finding the right focus.

Unity Via will be available April 12, 2017. The portfolio includes five new progressive lens options in the F, N, and O categories, including designs for frames with high-wrap, and for patients who use mobile devices for more than 4 hours per day.

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