Eyefinity Leads Access to More Than $100 Million in Potential Stimulus Funds for Customers

Launches industry’s first EHR solution with adaptive learning engine to maximize ease of use and adoption.


Rancho Cordova, Calif., October 1, 2013— Eyefinity®, the eyecare industry’s leading provider of innovative business solutions, announced today more than $100 million in potential stimulus funds are available to Eyefinity customers, as nearly 3,500 Eyefinity customers have attested for  Stage 1 Meaningful Use (MU).

Additionally, Eyefinity announces the launch of Eyefinity EHR, a cloud-based electronic health record (EHR) solution with the optical industry’s first and only adaptive learning engine, and the only product designed specifically for the iPad®, creating even more opportunities for Eyefinity customers to access funds.  

“Eyefinity is keeping a pulse on what’s shaping trends to create solutions practices can easily leverage to stay ahead of the curve and meet the demands of a changing marketplace,” said Steve Baker, President of Eyefinity. “With our customers making up 34 percent of the total first year attestations for Stage 1 MU, we are proud to be number one in the industry in creating access to stimulus funds and are prepared to increase that access through the introduction of Eyefinity EHR.”

Eyefinity EHR users have found benefits to include ease of migration, increased access to patient data, adaptive learning and seamless integration with OfficeMate®. A thorough and effective data conversion process means easy access for nearly 8,000 doctors using ExamWRITER® across the country. 

“Eyefinity EHR surpassed my expectations,” said Ryan Wineinger, OD of Wineinger Vision Associates in Shawnee, Kansas. “The system grows incredibly more efficient by the day. The EHR is adopting to my practice and enabling me to spend more time with patients and less time doing administrative work. Eyefinity EHR is a great EHR!”

Initial beta results of EHR revealed that, within just the first few weeks, transitions have been positive, implementations quick and easy, and exam efficiency increases daily.

“We selected a group of physicians reflective of our customer segments to ensure the time frames for migration were effective across the board. The initial migration results exceeded our expectations,” Baker added.

Eyefinity EHR users will have the option of using mobile devices, like an iPad, to increase exam efficiency and provide greater flexibility, as well as have traditional access from a desktop computer. This native iPad technology, plus the cloud-based documenting, adaptability to diagnosis style and enhanced communications are key differentiators that will all positively impact the patient experience and, ultimately, the bottom line.

“Eyefinity is committed to providing cost-effective and efficient solutions to customers, and Eyefinity EHR, with its rich feature set, high reliability and ease-of-use, has set a new standard for performance,” concluded Baker.

General availability of the product is set for November 2013. Practices can demo and purchase the product starting at Vision Expo West, booth #22065. Learn more at www.eyefinity.com/EHR.


About Eyefinity

Eyefinitya VSPGlobal® company, is the eyecare industry’s premier provider of innovative business solutions. Serving over 30,000 eyecare professionals, Eyefinity offers the total solution of integrated technology products and services to streamline everyday processes to help independent eyecare professionals succeed. With more than 28 years’ experience, Eyefinity offers independent eyecare professionals proven integrated desktop and web-based solutions that strengthen the customer experience, deepen customer loyalty, and increase revenue. Eyefinity provides personalized service just the way independent eyecare professionals want it, ranging from experienced service representatives to a convenient and comprehensive online self-service platform, to enable maximum practice efficiency.





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