Emmy Award Winner Bill Nye the Science Guy to Join VSP Optics Group at Vision Expo West

Bill Nye Unlocks the Science Behind the Latest Lens Technologies

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Rancho Cordova, Calif., September 12, 2013 – Did you know photochromic lenses have millions of molecules of substances such as silver chloride or silver halide embedded in them? Did you know that melanin and ocular lens pigment are natural blue blockers? Many eyecare providers (ECPs) are familiar with the products available for their patients, but are unfamiliar with why they work the way they do.   

To better understand the science behind the lenses, VSP Optics Group has invited the iconic Bill Nye the Science Guy to Vision Expo West.

As a scientist, engineer, comedian, author and inventor, Nye is best known for making science entertaining and accessible. His lifelong mission is to help people everywhere understand and appreciate the science behind our world.

“Bill’s passion, experience and natural ability to make even the most complex of topics easy to understand is a great asset to bring to our industry,” said Don Oakley, president of VSP Optics Group. “Simplifying the science behind the lens technologies will help ECPs explain the most appropriate options for their patients’ lifestyles, ages and health conditions.”

Nye will provide two separate sessions of scientific demonstrations on Friday, October 4th at the VSP Optics Group booth with both sessions covering the science behind photochromic and blue light. Following each demonstration, Nye will be available for questions and pictures with attendees.

“Eyeglass lenses are getting better and better, so are computer screens. Modern computers are so bright that they can be hard on your eyes,” said the Emmy-Award winning Bill Nye. “The latest lens technology addresses that problem and will help keep your eyes healthy for a lifetime.”

The demonstrations will happen at 11:00am and 1:30pm at Booth #22087. Go to www.vspopticsgroup.com for additional show information.


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