Education and Training from Premier Academy360 Offers Specialized Training Badges on VSP’s Find a Doctor Directory

New American Diabetes Association badge helps practices highlight strengths and specialty care focus for those at risk or living with diabetes

A360 and ADA

Rancho Cordova, Calif. —  In time for Diabetes Awareness Month, VSP Global® is deploying a new program for doctors as part of an ongoing commitment to support and reinvest in private practice optometrists. Doctors and staff who complete Premier Academy360TM education courses, such as those offered in the Diabetes Education Track, can now attain and display the badges they earn on the VSP® Find a Doctor Directory, which receives over three-million-member visits per month. The badging program is intended to highlight the unique strengths and abilities of practices to enhance the patient experience.

"On average, VSP members are up to six times more likely to go in for their annual eye exam, compared to receiving an annual physical from their primary care physician. This underscores the important role VSP network doctors play in the early detection of diabetes and driving better health outcomes for their patients,” said VSP Global Chief Network Officer Michelle Skinner. “Through this badging program, practices can raise their visibility and attract new patients by highlighting their unique strengths and dedication to offering specialized care for those living with diabetes, as well as those at risk for it."

More than 500 doctors are on their way to qualifying for one or more badges that went live on November 18:

  1. Practices who complete the Premier Academy360 Diabetes Education Track, will receive the American Diabetes Association® Badge which communicates to patients that a practice location is committed to connecting vision to the overall health of those at risk or living with diabetes. Watch to learn more.
  1. Practices that want to highlight their overall dedication to elevating the patient experience and ongoing training in practice management are encouraged to earn the Academy360 Training Badge.

In addition to the new badging program, VSP continues to deploy multiple health-focused initiatives and programs to support members, doctors, and clients in the fight against diabetes. Efforts include:

Offering no-cost education

Providing insights to clients and members

Raising public awareness

  • VSP Vision Care continues to serve as a visionary partner of Focus on Diabetes, a multi-year initiative from the American Diabetes Association that focuses on the overlooked but costly and devastating complication of diabetes: vision loss.
  • VSP Global continues to roll out a steady stream of content centered around education and awareness about diabetes and eye health, including the popular ‘Ask an Eye Doctor’ series featuring VSP network doctors.
  • VSP Global has also amplified several patient stories including one from Odette Crawford, a woman with type 2 diabetes who credits her eye doctor with saving her life; and food blogger Mila Buckley, who is passionate about debunking stereotypes around diabetes and sharing the importance of eye care in preventing vision loss.


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