Ryan Wineinger, OD

Ryan Wineinger, OD

I'm a second-generation optometrist and own a private practice in the Kansas City area. I currently serve on the VSP Global Board of Directors. 

The views expressed in my As Eye See It posts are my own and do not necessarily reflect the views of VSP Global or other members of the VSP Global Board of Directors.


The Holidays Are a Good Time to Reflect

The holidays can be a great time for reflection. As another year ends, it’s the perfect opportunity to talk about what you’ve achieved before you focus on what you want to change next. During this time of year, my family goes around the table saying a ...

New Season, New Practice

As the leaves start to change color outside and fall emerges, it's a good idea to look inside your practice and see if there are any leaves that need to be turned. After the back-to-school rush, it's easy to settle into a routine and lose sight of the ...
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Coming Up With Outside-the-Box Solutions

Ideas are everywhere. Think of all of the ideas that you've had in the last week, day, or even in last 30 seconds as you're reading this blog. Ideas are created or thought of because there’s a solution needed for an issue you're trying to resolve. ...

Make a Splash in Your Office This Summer

Summer: The season has a variety of meanings. To some it means splashing in the pool. For others it is baseball, summer camps, vacations, and family time. For optometrists it usually means extra patients. In our office, summer brings in an abundance ...

The Differing Opinions on Professional Optometry

In the industry of optometry, everyone has differing opinions on what professional optometry is. Some believe being a professional optometrist is only relegated to private practice, in which a doctor has controlling interest over their practice.
Dr. Ryan Wineinger

Appreciate Your Patients

In today’s world it’s becoming difficult to appreciate the things you have. It’s a concern amongst many people to worry, “What is coming next?” “What will I buy next?” “Where will I go next?” In optometry, that isn’t much different.