Mary Anne C. Murphy, OD

Mary Anne C. Murphy, OD

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Telehealth is Here to Stay

Many eye care providers hadn’t considered telehealth prior to the pandemic, believing they needed a hands-on exam to adequately treat patients. With COVID-19 reducing that type of care to only essential services, and with a patient population that ...

Questions About Eyeconic Marketing?

VSP Global’s recent announcement that it plans to open three brick-and-mortar Eyeconic® locations has sparked questions, and even some misinformation out in the marketplace, specifically around how Eyeconic is marketing to VSP members, our patients. ...

Shaping the Future Together: SHiFT18 and Beyond

This past week, I spent a few days at SHiFT18, the annual VSP Global Premier Program meeting, connecting with colleagues from across the country. Having a few minutes now to reflect on the meeting, I’m inspired by the opportunities ahead for private practice optometry. I heard first-hand from many in our profession about how private practice is stronger than ever and how we’re poised to meet the growing eye care needs of our population in the years to come.

A Working Mother’s Way of Just Clowning Around

Mornings in the Murphy household are hectic to say the least. Making lunches, checking email, feeding the dogs, ensuring homework is complete, and the ever-impossible task of getting the kids to put their shoes on so we can be out the door on time. ...

It's a Wonderful Life: Celebrate it in Your Practice

With only a few days left before the end of the year, the practice is buzzing with activity. While I never want to complain that we are busy with patients taking advantage of their benefits before the end of the calendar year, I have mixed feelings ...

Using Sports to Reach Your Patients

Finally. The kids are back in school, phew! We made it through another summer with minimal bloodshed, despite the incessant adolescent fighting. This time of year is so peaceful to me—quiet house, crisp and cool fall weather, back-to-school rush at ...

SOLutioN: Learning From the Future of Private Practice

We have moments in our careers that remind us what made us choose the profession of optometry. For some, it is the occasion that we provide children with their first pair of glasses and see that smile as they first notice the leaves on trees. For ...

Summertime, a Great Time to Reach Patients

Ahhh … lazy summer months … I wait all year for this time of year. Vacation time, kids out of school – parents bringing children for appointments are less frenzied, less hurried to get out of the office and on to homework or a sporting event. We ...

A Career with No Boundaries

I’ve known from a young age I wanted to be a health care provider. I come from a family of nurses and doctors, and taking care of people seemed the perfect occupation for me.

Taking Care of Patients More Efficiently with Technology

It's funny to me some days as I reflect about the first time my parents exposed me to technology. My dad had purchased a Commodore 64 back when it was state of the art. I remember sitting down to that computer and reading a magazine that taught me how to program in BASIC. Back then, periodicals gave you the most current information outside of television.

Responsible Optometry

"Professional" Optometry? It seems a silly oxymoron – unless one is to imply there is such thing as "Unprofessional" Optometry. I would prefer not to go there. However, the previous term seems to penetrate the industry trade news and I think it deserves to be expounded upon.

Dream Big

Day in and day out we search for ways to make our lives more efficient. This may come as easily as using Amazon to order a birthday present for a party your child will attend this weekend or may take more effort, like installing a money-saving smart thermostat to control your home environment while you are away.

eCommerce as an Extension of Your Practice

Gen X, Gen Y, Millennials: Are you tired of all the stereotyping and artificial grouping? Do you understand these groups? Who came up with these groups and who defines them? Do you know where you fit in? Do you fit in anywhere?