Jarrett Johnson, OD, MPH

Jarrett Johnson, OD, MPH

I am the owner of a private practice in New Orleans, Louisiana, and a proud mother of two children. I currently serve on the VSP Global Board of Directors. 


Identifying the Premier Program Advantage

As a private practice owner and doctor, providing high-quality eye care is a full-time job—there’s not much time left for building my practice or figuring out how to attract new patients. But as we all know, this is a critical piece of the equation if ...
Dr. Poston with Governor Brown (FB)

Dr. Marvin Poston: Remembering an Industry Pioneer

Something inspired us all to go into the field of optometry. For some, it was a mentor along the way. For others, it was an event or experience. Some of us had friends or family affected by conditions we could address as an optometrist, and that ...