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Inspiring Others; Changing Lives

By Dawn Miller, OD | November 23, 2021
From a very young age, my eye doctor was my hero and eventually my mentor. I had worn glasses since third grade, and my eye doctor switched me to contact lenses at the age of 11. It was life-changing—being able to go to school and see without glasses ...

Seeing the Full Picture of Diabetes

By Jeffry Gerson, OD, FAAO | November 08, 2021
The prevalence of diabetes is on the rise. Between 2015 and 2030, the number of Americans who have diabetes, both Type 1 and Type 2, will increase by 54%.1 As Doctors of Optometry, we can help slow the impact the disease can ...

The Magic of Helping People See

By Tim Jankowski, OD | October 22, 2021
My first eye exam was a magical experience for me. I was a typical nine-year-old kid who thought my vision was just fine. But, after that 30-minute exam, I realized I could see even better than I previously imagined. I couldn’t believe that ...

Building a Thriving Practice from the Ground Up

By Brandee Marciano, OD | September 27, 2021
I met my husband in optometry school; we opened our first practice, cold, in 2005 and our second one three years ago—private practice optometry is what we know. It has been so rewarding to watch our practice, something we built from scratch, grow and ...

Our Important Role as Educators

By Jodie West, OD | September 10, 2021
When I was in high school, I was mesmerized that my contacts, tiny pieces of plastic that I couldn’t even feel in my eyes, could correct my vision so that I could clearly see the trees. I decided then that optometry was what I wanted to do for the ...
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Doing Nice Things for Nice People

By David Dexter, OD | July 22, 2021
You might say healthcare is in my blood--my father was an army surgeon during the second World War and my mother was his nurse. In college, I gravitated toward physics, optics, and all the sciences, so optometry seemed to be a natural fit. I was also ...
Dr Rasa

The Best of Both Worlds

By Rasa Tamulavichus, OD | June 18, 2021
I always knew I wanted to be in the sciences and that I wanted to be an entrepreneur. Private practice optometry offered me the best of both worlds. Today, I co-own a large practice in Chicago with 13 locations, many of them cold starts, and I am very ...

Stories of Resilience: An Attitude of Gratitude

By James Wood, OD | June 07, 2021
The events of 2020 were really challenging--everyone in the community was affected. Like many others, our practice was closed for a month and when we reopened, our patient flow was down significantly. It was difficult and unnerving to navigate through ...

Providing a Practice Patients Prefer

By Jaime Balaguer, OD | May 24, 2021
With an optical center on virtually every corner, patients coming to our practice may pass three or four of our competitors on the way. So, in order to attract and retain patients, we need to make sure we stand out. Differentiating our practice from ...
Jim Winnick, OD

Building Patient Loyalty during Trying Times

By Jim Winnick, OD | April 14, 2021
With many experiencing job loss or decreased benefits as a result of COVID, it has been especially critical for our practice to find ways to continue to provide care to these patients. We want them to be able to maintain their exams and continue to ...
Michitsch still

Making a Difference for 30 Years

By Mark Michitsch, OD | March 09, 2021
Growing up, everyone in my family wore glasses, so regular visits to the optometrist were a must. On one of our many trips there, my parents commented that it would be a good profession for me. As a kid, I always enjoyed going to the optometrist, so I ...

Our Key to Growth: Cultivating an Attitude of Care

By John Coen, OD | January 25, 2021
From about the fourth or fifth grade, I knew I wanted to be an optometrist. Being nearsighted, I was at the optometrist’s office often, and I always loved the warm and welcoming staff. Today, replicating that experience for our patients is how we ...
Dr. Creed

The Right Career Choice

By Richard Creed, OD | January 11, 2021
School aptitude tests in the fifth grade determined I should either become an FBI agent or an optometrist when I grew up. Both sounded like cool jobs to me, but I really liked going to the optometrist and seeing all their equipment. So, I decided in ...
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Preserving My Legacy

By Elisabeth Swan, OD | December 22, 2020
I fell into optometry by accident. I was a biology major wanting to be a veterinarian, and heard veterinary school was very competitive. A friend recommended optometry; I applied to school, got accepted, and it was the best decision of my life. I ...
Dr. Scolinos

Doing Right by Patients and Employees During Crisis

By Frank Scolinos, OD | December 08, 2020
As a private practice owner, my number-one priority is to do right by my patients and employees. When COVID-19 hit, finding ways to do that became challenging.  Eight months in, I’m pleased to report that with the support of our partners, the ...
Rema Idriss

Choosing Private Practice Optometry

By Rema Idriss | December 08, 2020
When I was a child, my family traveled to different countries as my parents sought a better life for us. During that time, I developed a fascination for the medical field and volunteered in medical groups whenever I could. I experienced firsthand the ...

Stories of Resilience

By Michelle King, OD | November 23, 2020
Prior to the pandemic hitting, we were at the peak of our practice. We were doing very well financially, and we had more staff working for us than we had ever had before.

A Mission to Pay it Forward

By Randi-Jo Francis | November 09, 2020
As a current resident and recent graduate of the Illinois College of Optometry (ICO), I often reflect on all of the people who have supported me along the way—starting with my parents, who moved our family from Jamaica to Canada to give us more opportunities, to my peers and mentors at school. I know first-hand the impact of that support, and it is my personal mission to pay it forward to others as I grow as a clinician.

Giving Patients that Small Town Feel

By Rockatonia Bradley, OD | October 26, 2020
Our two practices are located on Amelia Island, a small coastal paradise boasting thirteen miles of pristine beaches and spectacular views of the Atlantic. We are a tight-knit community whose residents have come not only for the beauty of the island ...
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