VSP Benefit Fairs Promoting Optometry

By Daniel L. Mannen, OD, FAAO December 01, 2011

There I was, at the VSP® Vision Care booth—smack dab between the nutrition table and the chronic back pain table—as employees of Columbia Sportswear filed by at their annual benefits fair.

What I observed would have made every private practice OD proud. The importance of eyecare, the emphasis on prevention, and the promotion of our excellent panel of doctors was emphasized at every opportunity.

Did you know that once an employer includes a vision care benefit, it takes a great deal of additional effort to get employees to actually enroll and use their benefits?

“When was your last eye exam? Do you realize how important eyecare is in the diagnosis and management of chronic disease? Do you understand the vital role of eyecare in diabetes?”

The VSP sales team did a great job of engaging the employees and spreading the message. A big smile, a personal connection, and an encouraging word—all promoting eyecare—all promoting us. Awesome!

VSP works tirelessly to ensure that employees realize the importance of eyecare. More than 9,000 benefit fairs have been conducted between September and November to encourage employees to enroll and utilize their benefit. The goal is simply to connect the patient with the eye doctor and demonstrate the value of the benefit.

As I see it, VSP does a great job of encouraging employees to seek eyecare from private-practice doctors. I left the benefit fair with a new diet (from the nutrition table), a new stretch (from the back pain table), and an even greater appreciation of VSP’s efforts on behalf of clients and doctors.

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