Using the VSP Practice Report to Increase Your Capture Rate

By Daniel L. Mannen, OD, FAAO October 05, 2012
I love college football, and I love my Oregon State Beavers. Everything just seems better when I see happy faces on the “Orange People” after a big win. Of course, one of the keys to winning is being able to recruit talented players. Everybody wants the top-rated players, and it is a real competition to get them. Clearly, the best players are more drawn to schools with a winning tradition, so wins lead to recruiting success, which leads to more wins. If you want to have a chance at the best players, i.e., raise the “capture rate,” you need success on the field.

Capture rate has become a hot topic in today’s optometric practice. Our task is to identify patient needs and offer solutions. But just how do we measure how well we are doing?  The answer is that we need to aggregate and analyze our statistics.

The VSP Practice Report is an excellent compilation of key statistics regarding our VSP patients. It is filled with combined data, comparisons to national averages, and recommendations for areas to concentrate on to improve patient satisfaction as well as our bottom line.

As we all know, competition is fierce. Our patients are constantly being bombarded with offers and information, especially from online competitors, making it difficult to demonstrate the benefits of personalized care in dispensing. Careful practice analysis can give us an edge. Increased focus on a specific area nearly always leads to improvement.

Let me give you a couple of examples of areas that our practice has targeted for increased focus by using the VSP Practice Report.

We found out that our practice was at the national average in frame dispensing. After a meeting with our dispensers and talking about our dispensing rate, it became clear that we could do a better job of identifying patient needs and recommending solutions. We needed to be more dynamic and intuitive in our approach. Our dispensers have responded with renewed energy and enthusiasm, and we are beginning to see our capture rate rise.  

UNITY® lenses and coatings have received rave reviews in our office. Patients adapt to UNITY progressive lenses very easily, and the coatings are second to none. After reading the VSP Practice Report, I discovered that we were still using a lot of alternative lenses and coatings. We now have refocused our recommendations specifically on UNITY. This will allow us to benefit our patients with what I believe is a superior product and take greater advantage of the UNITY Savings Program, which benefits our bottom line.

As I see it, the VSP Practice Report highlights important critical data which allows us to better service our patients and improve practice revenue. Capture rate is an important statistic and is one which can be impacted with increased focus. I encourage you to go to VSPOnline at to view your report and take advantage of this important resource.

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