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By Daniel L. Mannen, OD, FAAO May 18, 2012

I grew up in rural eastern Oregon and spent a lot of time fishing in cold, wet weather. To protect from the elements, our pre-outdoor ritual was to spray water repllenet  on our clothes to help keep the wet out. Time consuming, a little sticky, and not completely satisfactory—but it did help. Then along came weatherproof fabrics. So much better, no bother, and a big improvement in helping us stay warm and dry. As for the fish, they didn’t seem to care. 

So it is with optical lenses. Early improvements resulted in reduced thickness, less distortion, and improved cosmetics. And now, the emergence of digitally surfaced lenses has taken precision and accuracy to a new level. Patients deserve the best possible visual experience and clearly benefit from the most precisely crafted, personalized prescription. 

VSP Optics Group launched UNITY Performance Optics in March 2011 to support independent doctors with the latest digital technology. At the risk of sounding like a commercial, these are great lenses! UNITY lenses offer a simple solution for both doctors and patient. My staff reports that they are “quick and easy to fit and dispense.” Patient acceptance has been terrific with very few problems. It has been music to my ears! 

The UNITY portfolio includes new premium digital progressive, single vision, wrap, and computer lenses. They are the lens of choice in our practice and we couldn’t be more pleased. Then, throw in UNITY Savings, which allows doctors to realize up to $25 on every order of UNITY progressive lenses for VSP patients. It is an easy decision to use UNITY. 

As I see it, our patients deserve the very best in visual performance. It is our job to recommend what is best for our patients. What is good for the patient is good for the practice. UNITY lenses absolutely meet this high standard. 

Visit VSPOpticsGroup.com/UNITY to see the full UNITY Performance Optics portfolio.

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