Reasons to Consider VSPDirect for Patients without Vision Insurance

By Daniel L. Mannen, OD, FAAO May 02, 2014
Watch a video with James Winnick, OD, to learn more about how you can use VSPDirect in your practice, and order VSPDirect materials for your office.

There is no doubt about it; patients highly value their vision insurance. In fact, vision is a top choice in employee benefits even when participation is at the member’s expense. Needless to say, this is great news for VSP doctors because patients with vision insurance come in more often for services and are more likely to use their materials benefit.

And what about the nearly 45 million U.S. households who aren’t covered or don’t have access to vision insurance? Wouldn’t it be great to increase the likelihood of them choosing our practices? It sounds to me like there is some real potential here.

VSP doctors have a great opportunity to grow their practices by offering VSPDirect to patients without vision insurance. Why should we do that? VSP patients are six times less likely to visit a retail chain and twice as likely to purchase materials in house when compared to those without vision insurance. Vision plan participants simply seek vision care more often than those without coverage.

For as little as $17 per month, VSPDirect offers the best vision care for patients who may be:

  • self or unemployed,

  • nearing retirement,

  • uninsured,

  • getting vision coverage through another vision care provider but prefer VSP.


VSP doctors receive VSP Choice Plan reimbursement and enjoy an increased ability to add/keep patients and their eyewear purchases in the practice. In addition, increased patient contact via the vision plan results in greater opportunity to provide medical care and additional services outside the vision plan. Patients can easily enroll at or by calling 855.926.8877 (855WANTVSP).

As Eye See It, vision insurance is highly valued by patients and is a very popular employee benefit.  In addition, there is a tremendous opportunity to form a relationship with a very large number of US households who do not have access to a vision insurance program.  Great things happen when we combine value and service.

I recommend that you consider offering VSPDirect to your patients who do not have a vision insurance program. This strategy will potentially tie them to your practice, add value, and give you an opportunity to provide additional services.


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