Providing Consumer-focused Eye Care Services

By Daniel L. Mannen, OD, FAAO November 04, 2014

Our patients are consumers. They come with far more information and awareness of options in treatment and mode of practice. They demand multiple access channels and they demand choice that fits their individual lifestyle.

The VSP Global mission is to help as many people see as possible. By increasing access points to eye care for consumers, the opportunity increases to grow the number of patients who can be encouraged to see network providers.

VSP Vision Care has announced the addition of Pearle Vision Eye Care Centers to the VSP provider network. This relationship addresses patient and client demands for options in mode of practice and facilitates expansion of the total VSP patient base.

As I See It, VSP Global will continue to trumpet the benefits of eye care and the VSP network, but will also address growing consumer demand. VSP can only direct what it has access to. Strategic relationships will be essential for competitive success for all of us going forward.

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