New Season, New Practice

By Ryan Wineinger, OD October 10, 2016

As the leaves start to change color outside and fall emerges, it's a good idea to look inside your practice and see if there are any leaves that need to be turned. After the back-to-school rush, it's easy to settle into a routine and lose sight of the little things that make a practice special. 

All of our patients come to our offices for a specific reason. It could be the doctor experience, it could be an optician that provides great specialized service, or it could be even be your coffee machine! So let's look at some ideas on things that you can do to bring back those unique experiences your office provides.

  • Start a personalized phone-calling recall system. With all of the automated technology that can do our recall systems now via text/email/phone calls, sometimes it's nice to just make a personalized call to check in on your patients. Every month our office works off a list of patients who have not come in the last three years. These patients have gotten emails, texts, and post cards reminding them of their appointments, and for whatever reason, they haven't made it into the office yet. We split the list amongst all of our staff and everyone makes short phone calls to remind patients that they're due for an exam. Our experience has been that patients are thankful that we've called and a high percentage of them schedule exams!
  • Bring in a new frame line. Who doesn't love something new?  In your post-summer inventory run, look at bringing in a new frame line. Not only does it give your opticians something to be excited about, it gives you another reason to create a contact point with your patients. Utilize the new line coming in to start a marketing campaign through digital communication, including social media, to your patients. Contact points will keep a practice top of mind and help increase patient retention.
  • Look at new clinical technology. Have you jumped on digital retinal photography or one of the newer digital measuring tools, like OTTO? Whether you're looking for a new revenue stream from a clinical tool like retinal photography or you want to give the impression that your office has the latest tools, the fall can be a great time to look at bringing in a new piece of technology. 

As I see it, it's easy to settle into the routine, and after the summer rush, sometimes our office routines need to be refreshed. So follow nature's change and use the opportunity to look at what changes will improve your practice.

What changes do you implement in your practice once fall has arrived?

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