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Moving to Unity

By Robert Grigg, OD September 21, 2020

With the upcoming formulary changes from VSP, some doctors are considering altering their lens products to accommodate the changes. As a practice that now uses Unity Lenses almost exclusively, we have some experience making that transition. 

After personally trying the lens technology, I decided years ago that I liked the Unity product and wanted to move to it. I was very pleased with both the single vision and progressive lenses, and felt they were a great fit for our practice and our patients. So, I let my staff know we were moving to Unity Lenses. My staff’s primary concern was the satisfaction of the patients; knowing that mine was too, they trusted my endorsement of the product. We made the switch and have had great success with Unity Lenses ever since.  

In addition to patient satisfaction with the product, dispensing Unity Lenses contributes significantly to fulfilling our Premier Program tier requirements, as lenses, lens coatings, and lens enhancements all count toward our goals. As a result, it’s been relatively easy for us to achieve the Premier Program level we choose, and the benefits are substantial. We really like the lab rewards and other benefits that are associated with the Premier Program.  

When VSP announced the formulary changes, I heard some doctors mention they were anxious about converting their patients who were happy with their existing brand. I think as doctors we overestimate the loyalty patients have to a lens brand, when it’s really the functionality they are after. They want comfort; they want clarity of vision. In my experience, most don’t know one brand from the next, and they are relying on our expertise to make a recommendation. We’ve been happy with the quality of Unity Lenses and have been able to accommodate our patients’ eye care needs with Unity products. In the rare instance a patient requests an alternate brand, the VSP formulary includes a wide variety of lens products, so we can accommodate their request. 

As I see it, our patients have a choice about the products they use – and lenses are no exception. As doctors, it is our job to understand the needs of our patients and provide the best option to achieve their objectives. For my practice, the best option is Unity Lenses. 

Dr. Grigg co-owns ClarifEye Family Eyecare in Kuna, Idaho, and is a VSP Ambassador.

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