Make a Splash in Your Office This Summer

By Ryan Wineinger, OD June 27, 2016

Summer: The season has a variety of meanings. To some it means splashing in the pool. For others it is baseball, summer camps, vacations, and family time.

For optometrists it usually means extra patients. In our office, summer brings in an abundance of kids and teachers to get their eye exams. There are a lot of things that offices can do to encourage your patients to come in during the summer months when there is a bit more free time during the summer days.

Create a summer giveaway promotion in coordination with a “national day.” Today is National Sunglasses Day. Utilize your social media channels in your practice to get the word out about #nationalsunglassesday and educate patients on the importance of UV protection.  There’s also National Different Colored Eyes Day on July 12, Get to Know Your Customers Day on July 21, National Son’s and Daughter’s Day on August 11, National Senior Citizen’s Day on August 21, and many more throughout the summer.

Find time to meet with your local elementary or high school administrators to see if you can set up a children's screening program or coordinate a health fair for the upcoming school year. Typically administrators are up at school during the summer and it is usually easier to find time to have a meeting to discuss the potential needs that your practice can help coordinate. It is also a good time to have a discussion about blue light control and visual breaks that children need during the day while in the classroom.

Daily contact lenses are a great additional offer you can make your patients in the summer. We all have heard and see red eyes associated to swimming pools. During the summer, with the abundance of kids coming into your practice, utilize the opportunity to discuss switching kids over to daily disposable contact lenses, even if it is an additional supply for days that kiddos are in or around the pool. It is a common conversation that I have and parents are typically very happy that the suggestions are made, because they don't think of the increased infection risk with contact lens wear and swimming. 

Another good avenue is for monovision-wearing patients, who are now outside in the summer doing more active things where they need better distance vision. Make the recommendation to try out daily lenses so that they can have better vision for the fun activities they're doing. Adding a month or 90-day supply of dailies for kids swimming, or those active adults, is a great way to provide your patients with those little things they don't realize they need.

As I see it, the summer is a time to have fun in the office by trying some new things. Get your staff involved, ask them for suggestions, and make the splash of something different you haven't tried before!

What are some summer promotions your office is doing? Leave a comment below.

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