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Doctors Using Design Thinking to Provide Input for the VSP Global Premier Program

By Daniel L. Mannen, OD, FAAO June 06, 2016

From my nearly 35 years of experience in optometry, I can tell you that one of the most important things I can do for my practice is to encourage new ideas. Needless to say, today's healthcare marketplace is both challenging and competitive. Everyone is looking for that edge which will propel their practice forward. I believe that new ideas are the building blocks for long-term growth and success, and that means we must continuously challenge ourselves and our staff to discover new and innovative problem-solving approaches.

VSP Global recently launched a nationwide roadshow specifically designed to invite doctor input to help supercharge the Premier Program. These events utilize a technique called “Design Thinking” to stimulate freedom of thought, new approaches, and to expand the flow of new ideas. Initial results are very encouraging.

It has been incredible to see new ideas streaming from doctors and their staff after attending one of these sessions. Comments have ranged from “fun” to “surprising” to “game-changing” as participants are encouraged to help create a better Premier experience.

Some common themes have emerged as doctors have been asked to describe their challenges in practice. Clearly, Premier Program practices need to stand out from the competition, their patients need to understand the value proposition, and doctors need to be able to impact the bottom line. The excitement comes as possible solutions emerge from the freedom of design thinking.

In a nutshell, doctors are excited to take the design thinking approach back to their practices. It is a great way to take a new and improved look at all aspects of practice administration. And, these sessions are definitely providing VSP with valuable insight in making Premier Program enhancements.

As I see it, doctors need tools to compete in today's eye care marketplace. They need partners and programs which provide real innovation and a real competitive advantage.

I invite all Premier Program practices to attend one of these innovative design thinking events when they come to a venue near you. I can promise that you will learn to challenge the status quo and to think outside the box. We look forward to your input as we seek to make the Premier Program responsive to the needs of Premier Program practices.

Visit for more information and currently scheduled upcoming design thinking events. 

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