CareCredit: Growth, retention, and savings all in one new program

By Stuart Thomas, OD April 08, 2015

VSP’s primary mission is to help people see and as VSP approaches its 60th anniversary; its growth now provides access to over 70,000,000 members (patients) to over 32,000 providers (doctors). As one of those providers, my primary mission is to make sure my patients have healthy eyes and that they have access to the eyewear that they need to maximize their lifestyle. That may include indoor glasses, outdoor glasses and/or hobby or recreational glasses and/or contact lenses. VSP provides our members with an excellent plan to cover their eye exam and materials, but sometimes our patients may have additional wants or needs.

The good news is that VSP has developed an exciting new agreement with CareCredit, the nation’s largest healthcare credit card, to help practices better satisfy those lifestyle needs, leading to greater patient growth and retention, along with substantial savings on processing rates.  Effective April 1st, Premier Program practices receive a 40% savings on processing rates for promotional financing offers, while all other VSP network providers get a 25% savings.

We have been using CareCredit in our practice for about five years now and our patients and staff love it. It’s easy to administer and our sales have improved. Plus, our patients are getting the products that they want and need — from annual supplies of contact lenses to that extra pair of polarized sunglasses or computer glasses – because they could apply for CareCredit and, if approved, they could get special financing options.

As I see it, VSP and CareCredit together can help my practice and yours. VSP gets the patient into your office and CareCredit then helps you help your patient get the products that they want or need to improve their lifestyle. CareCredit is one more tool in your VSP toolbox that helps the provider in today’s business of healthcare.

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