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Appreciate Your Patients

By Ryan Wineinger, OD December 21, 2015

In today’s world it’s becoming difficult to appreciate the things you have. It’s a concern amongst many people to worry, “What is coming next?” “What will I buy next?” “Where will I go next?” In optometry, that isn’t much different. Most Optometric practices are worried about next month’s schedule, next week’s lab orders coming in, or next year’s budget. During this holiday season, be thankful for what you have and appreciate your patients!

One way to be appreciative is to give back to the community. There are multiple ways that your practice can give back to the community, such as advertising in local school’s sports calendars, providing school visual screenings, or donating clinical time to a charitable clinic such as VSP’s mobile clinics.

I would like to challenge you to think of something different to give back to your community to show that you appreciate your patients. Your office can utilize variations of the currently popular “buy one, give one” charitable programs. Some examples of this for your office could take different forms. For eyewear purchase in your office, make a donation to a choice of local charities such as a food bank, or the Lions club. Encourage your patients, for their convenience, to utilize your website to purchase their contact lenses. For every purchase that a patient makes through your office’s eCommerce channel, make a donation to one of your local charities.

The key to keep in mind when setting up a charitable plan is that this program should show that your office is appreciative of your patients and you are doing what you can to give back to your community. A concern for some offices is a charitable program in which your office is financially benefiting isn’t appropriate; I believe that is not true. Today’s millennial patients have shown that they have a much higher positive interaction with companies that have a higher level of community giving. In one study, of the millennial employees surveyed, a full 92 percent felt they were actively contributing to a company having a positive effect on the world. Yes, the majority of our optometric practices are not gigantic corporations, but a charitable program can contribute to your office’s millennial strategy.

Take this month to figure out how to start a new program that can increase your involvement in the community and in the end show that you are very appreciative of your patients!

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