A $50 Billion Reason To Become A Glass Preferred Provider

By Matthew Alpert, OD July 25, 2014

Earlier this year, I predicted that wearable devices like Google Glass will expand the relevance of optometry in our patients’ everyday lives. I’ve now been wearing Glass for a year, and it’s brought value to my practice in a number of ways.

  • Wearing Glass and being a Glass Preferred Provider is an immediate signal to patients that my practice is staying ahead of technology. It’s helping to establish my practice as a leader in the intersection of eye care and wearable technology. Since becoming a Glass Preferred Provider, I’ve seen 15 new tech-savvy patients that have resulted in incremental sales of high-end lens products.

  • When I wear Glass with patients, they immediately want to engage in a conversation about the device or have me demonstrate how it works. That gives me an opportunity to provide education about Glass, the lens options available, and the importance of eye care when using any electronic devices.

  • Glass is a hands-free way to document findings and access the latest sources of information. I can interact with my patient without having to interrupt the eye exam to take notes or photos or look something up. (This is also one of my favorite reasons to use Glass in my personal life. When I want to film my daughter in a school play, I can watch her on stage, not through a little screen.)

I’m looking forward to seeing the apps developed for Glass and other wearables in the future. We already have smartphones that can control your whole house—imagine the possibilities as wearable technology develops. Credit Suisse predicts the market for wearable technology like Glass will increase to as much as $50 billion during the next two to four years. As I see it, that’s a $50 billion reason to establish your practice in a space primed for growth.

Now that Google Glass is available to all U.S. consumers and made more fashionable with the unveiling of the exclusive DVF | Made for Glass collection, market appeal for the smart eyewear has broadened even further. That means more consumers looking for a doctor who can fit their Glass frames with prescription lenses.

Thanks to a unique partnership with Google, only VSP doctors can become Glass Preferred Providers, those recommended to Glass wearers looking for prescription lenses.

Complete the online training at, and you’ll receive Glass Preferred Provider information on your practice’s doctor directory listing and Google’s help center.

If you have questions about being a Glass Preferred Provider, comment below or e-mail VSP at



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