5 Reasons To Be A Glass Preferred Provider

By Matthew Alpert, OD February 05, 2014

By now, you've probably seen the news: Google has announced that Glass prescription frames are available. Glass Explorers can now purchase Glass with frames from Google and have them fitted with prescription lenses.

VSP Vision Care is working closely with Google to offer training for practices that want to be a VSP Glass Preferred Provider. This is a great example of the ways that VSP is evaluating the marketplace to provide new opportunities for VSP providers.

I was one of the first to be become a Glass Preferred Provider, and here are my top 5 reasons why you should too:

  1. Glass Explorers and other future Glass patients in your community will see your practice when they search for a Glass Preferred Provider on or visit the Google Help Center.

  2. You’ll know how to customize the fit of the prescription frame and lens, which is the key to the best user experience. Glass prescription frames are first and foremost optical corrective eyewear, and, just like with any glasses, fitting it properly ensures the display is clear.

  3. You’ll know the best lens material and coatings to recommend for your patients’ specific needs and lifestyle.

  4. Having the expert knowledge to deliver the best lenses ensures you’ll have happy patients—and happy patients are returning patients.

  5. Glass is truly one of the most exciting technologies in the last decade. I've been wearing Glass for 7 months now, and my patients have been very interested in the technology. Plus, when was the last time the New York Times covered the launch of a new frame line under “Technology”?


If you’re a VSP provider, just go to to get started.

As a Glass Preferred Provider, ordering prescription lenses for Glass frames is very similar to your current process for a patient-supplied frame.

  • Help your patient choose lenses that are a good fit for Glass and for the patient’s prescription.

  • Send the frames, prescription, and measurements to VSPOne Sacramento, where the lenses will be manufactured to the shape and requirements of the patient’s Glass frame.

  • VSPOne will ship the Glass frame with prescription lenses back to your office for fitting and delivery to your patient


As I see it, there is definitely a future for Glass in my practice as well as the profession of optometry. I see Glass elevating the quality of care, increasing revenue and expanding the relevance of optometry in our patients’ everyday lives.

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