2011: A Year in Review and a Look to the Future

By Daniel L. Mannen, OD, FAAO December 29, 2011

Well, here we are on the dawn of a new year…but before we march into 2012, let’s glance back at 2011.

2011 Top Ten

  1. VSP mission unchanged. Continued commitment to provide access and deliver patients to private practice.

  2. Access means opportunity—56 million patients and counting.

  3. The marketplace is changing.

  4. Change requires strategic adjustment and innovation for success in delivering on the mission.

  5. VSP can only win on behalf of doctors when it meets the needs of client. A win for VSP is a win for private practice.

  6. Improved communication: yeoman effort in 2011 to share strategy and commitment with doctors. “The Proof Is In The Patients.”

  7. Successful affiliate strategy: creating a program with Costco and Eye Care Centers of America meets the needs of the client while continuing to direct the majority of patients to private practice.

  8. EyeconicTM launch: helping doctors maintain connection with patients who have chosen to shop online.

  9. Development of new contact lens benefit that will provide better clarity for doctors and higher value for patients.

  10. Another successful year of promoting private practice and telling optometry’s story of quality and cost-effective care.


Looking Forward to 2012:  My Wish List

  1. Better cooperation within the profession as we continue to pursue medical integration while maintaining current access.

  2. Increased participation in VSP Eye Health Management®: demonstrates cost effectiveness for clients as data is shared with disease managers for the benefit of our patients.

  3. Greater recognition of the vital role which optometry plays in healthcare. Excellent outcomes and cost-effective care.

  4. Let's be a little more thankful, a little more charitable, and a little more hopeful.


Remember: nothing is harder to predict than the future. God bless you in the new year!


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