2011 VSP Practice Report

By Daniel L. Mannen, OD, FAAO May 11, 2012

I had the opportunity to play on my college golf team. One day my golf coach asked me how I was doing with my midrange putting. He said that if I didn’t know, I should gather some data. To my surprise, after charting a few rounds, I found that my weakest putting distance was midrange. I would have never believed it if I had not gathered some accurate information. I had learned a valuable lesson: It is far better to have precise data to guide my practice rather than to rely on what I felt I should do. 

So, let’s apply the principle described above to our optometric practices. I believe that our best chance for improvement comes with the benefit of data. VSP doctors are now able to access their personalized 2011 VSP Practice Reports. These reports are full of very useful data and highlight many opportunities from the VSP Global companies, which can assist in increasing practice revenue and help us to deliver the very best patient experience. 

Our practice has successfully used the Practice Report information as an effective reminder and training guide for our staff. In this competitive world, it is critical that we maximize revenue and saving opportunities. It is not good enough to think we are working efficiently. The Practice Report helps us verify that we are on the right track. The goal is to adopt business strategies which will make the greatest impact. Targeted change can occur once important opportunities are identified. 

As I see it, successful practices are able to analyze data and make appropriate changes. The VSP Practice Report is a very useful tool that summarizes practice performance and lets us easily highlight things that we can do differently for the benefit of our patients and our practices. Go to VSPPracticeReport.com to view your Practice Report. 

By the way, my midrange putting did get better as I was able to focus my practice on that part of my game. I was then able to use this information-based approach to identify other parts of my game that needed more work. And so it is in an independent optometric practice; things are constantly changing and we need accurate information to guide our pursuit of continued success.

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