UNITY PLx and SVx Freeform Lenses Introduced by VSP Optics Group

Unity Performance Optics
Rancho Cordova, Calif., March 2, 2011 – VSP Optics Group today announced the expansion of its UNITY™ Performance Optics product line with the introduction of UNITY PLx progressive freeform lenses and SVx single vision freeform lenses.
“We believe in providing great choices and access to the latest lens technology to improve how people see,” said Don Oakley, President of VSP Optics Group. “Unity PLx and SVx simplify the freeform experience, pairing technology and value to benefit both patient and eyecare professional.”
Using state-of-the-art processing technology, UNITY lenses offer a freeform design that is easy to dispense and delivers quick adaption and high patient satisfaction. Available to all eyecare professionals and patients, UNITY lenses are available in virtually all materials and are offered in competitive package pricing with UNITY anti-reflective coatings to support the success of the practice.  
 The portfolio of UNITY Performance Optics products include:
  • UNITY PLx - a simple, easy-to-dispense 100% backside freeform progressive lens solution delivering high-end quality and technology at a competitive price. It provides smooth visual transition between viewing zones, enhanced distance vision and offers a customizable reading zone with four, fixed fitting heights.
  • UNITY SVx - a simple, easy-to-dispense freeform single vision lens solution that can elevate eyecare practices to 100% digital technology for single vision patients.
  • UNITY Performance Coatings® - a premium line of anti-reflective coatings engineered to work on all materials and lens brands. Available now in UNITY Classic (formerly UNITY), UNITY Plus, and UNITY Elite.
UNITY lenses address the visual needs of any patient, delivering a precisely crafted prescription, within 1/100 of a diopter. The prescription and selected optical design are processed on the backside of the lens which widens the patient’s field of vision by as much as 20 percent, offering high quality optics in everyday wear.
For more information, talk to your VSP Labs representative or visit www.vsplab.com.


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