The Evolution of Healthcare Technology

April 11, 2016

I’m excited to announce that VSP Global is continuing our investment in the future of healthcare technology by partnering with eye care technology startup, Vizzario, Inc.

Vizzario is an innovative company developing technologies to support eye care. At its core, Vizzario operates as a sensory data exchange platform. More simply, they’re collecting and analyzing data from our eyes to track things like the effects of digital eye strain over a period of time, or to screen for traumatic brain injury in contact sports. It’s an exciting partnership with a company that, like VSP Global, is rooted in vision but capable of benefiting overall health and wellness. 

As stated before, VSP is actively looking to take a seat at the table, and we are committed to going beyond business as usual. In today’s ever-evolving healthcare landscape, it is more important than ever for businesses to look for ways to disrupt the status quo in order to maintain a competitive edge and better serve its members and partners. Vizzario is one of many investments VSP has made in healthcare technology that is a part of our culture of innovation. This partnership was fostered through an ongoing relationship with our innovation lab, The Shop, and joins a number of technology-driven ventures such as Google Glass, Project Genesis, and more. 

Vizzario certainly won’t be the last investment in this space, either. We are driving technological advancements that reimagine how eye care and eyewear are delivered to serve the needs of people around the world.

That’s because eye health is more than just a prescription for glasses or contacts. Vision plays an integral part of a person’s complete health picture. Our vision is to take the knowledge we’ve garnered over 60 years of helping people see, and apply it to health by exploring and developing technologies and products that will lead to a more personalized and contextualized understanding of one’s overall health and wellness.

We know technology is dramatically changing every industry. All businesses have become technology driven. This is extremely top of mind for VSP, which is why we are investing in something we are calling Contextual Health. At VSP Global, we see Contextual Health as the idea of enriching and personalizing traditional medical records with context from daily living to provide insights and encourage actions that result in increased health and well-being.

Through partnerships and projects like Vizzario and Project Genesis, we are exploring possibilities to stay ahead of the curve in healthcare technology. Doing so puts us in a unique position to offer our 80 million members the ability to make better personal health decisions on a daily basis. 

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