A Blind Employee Shows Me New Opportunities

December 09, 2016

I first met Renee Emmerson at an employee focus group I hosted in Sacramento, CA earlier this year.  Her passion for our business and the work she was doing inspired me.

Renee joined VSP in 2010, where she excelled as a customer care representative and quickly began working her way up the ladder. To hear Renee tell it, she enjoyed practicing the idea of empathy and helping others solve problems—be they members, doctors or fellow employees.

But by 2012, she noticed her vision began to rapidly deteriorate. And by 2014, she was diagnosed with Basal Laminar Drusen, a condition that causes irreversible vision loss.

Today, Renee is blind.

But through her journey, she has helped shine a light on what millions of visually impaired and blind individuals experience every day.

And by applying that same idea of empathy and her ambition to help others, she is now working with our innovation lab, The Shop, to uncover new opportunities that we as a company can explore to better serve the blind and low vision community.

Check out the video. I think you’ll be struck by the same passion and enthusiasm I saw in Renee from the moment I met her.

And you can read more about Renee and her story on the VSP Blog here, including her new role with The Shop.

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