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December 04, 2015

I had the privilege of attending the Wall Street Journal CEO Council’s annual meeting in Washington, D.C., along with other chief executives of the world’s largest companies.

For two days, we heard from policymakers, business leaders and economic experts, including congressional leaders and presidential candidates.

As someone who attempts to learn something new every day, it was inspiring to listen to, engage with and share insights among such a diverse group of business leaders. As I’ve talked about previously – the shared concerns of CEOs around the world are disruption and industry convergence. That was evident with this group as we pulled back layers of seemingly industry specific issues and realized the larger and more widespread impacts as a result of, or result in, those issues. Talking about universal business challenges provided me with a greater perspective and expanded acumen into how we need to think differently than ever before. I walked away with a sense that no matter what business you are in, the world is changing at a speed never seen before in history. Adaptability is the key to future success for VSP Global and many other companies and organizations.

The council concluded with the participants collectively providing recommendations for certain challenges facing global enterprise today.

If you were in a room with these 100 CEOs, what would you want to talk about? Or is there a name listed you’d specifically want to talk to?

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