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Jim McGrann, CEO of VSP Global, has a laser-sharp focus on reimagining eyewear and eye care. Here’s where you’ll find his insights, lessons, and thoughts on VSP, leadership, and beyond.


71.5 Miles to the Finish

As I write this blog, I’m on my way to Sarria, a small town in northwestern Spain, to meet up with Bill Barkeley for the final week of his hike along the Camino de Santiago.

My Friend, The Spaceman

Last month, on the 47th anniversary of the moon landing, I had the pleasure of introducing VSP Global employees to my good friend and NASA astronaut Mike Massimino. Mike (aka Mass) and I met 36 years ago during freshman orientation at Columbia University.

Summer Reading List

This summer, I have three books that I am reading for the first time or re-reading. As you’ll see, they are not typical summer getaway reads, and coincidentally, they all have technology or science as their foundation.

Innovation Should Not Be Limited To The C-Suite

When I took over as CEO of VSP Global, the company had just turned 60. VSP had kept up with a tremendous amount of change over the decades. Economies evolve. Technology disrupts, and in some cases, companies can’t keep up and fade into the background. ...

Let Me Introduce You To a Million More…

Lately, one million has been the number on everyone’s mind here at VSP Global. We announced reaching our first millionth milestone last month, and now have our eyes set on a new goal: providing access to eye care to one million more people in need by ...

The Evolution of Healthcare Technology

I’m excited to announce that VSP Global is continuing our investment in the future of healthcare technology by partnering with eye care technology startup, Vizzario, Inc. Vizzario is an innovative company developing technologies to support eye care. ...
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Celebrating Our Million Milestone

You’ve heard me say it before, but today it couldn’t ring more true: our mission at VSP Global® is to help people see. Today we are celebrating an incredible milestone, providing no-cost eye care and eyewear for one million people in need through our ...

Changes in Professional Optometry

I’ve talked a lot about disruption and the need for innovation across everything we do at VSP Global. That’s because rapid and constant change is affecting our industry just like every other industry. The individual consumer is determining the course ...
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